Walk Like a Sam!

I finally got it...sort of. It's kind of dark. Turn your volume down, because I'm loud! HAHA! I'm particularly fond of the part where I said, "you just walked, how do you feel?" As if he won the superbowl.


Heather said…
His response to "how do you feel about that" Should be ... "great mom .. now let's go to Disney!" :)
Zog mom said…
Hey Sam, wanna walk yourself up to NC for a visit? We sure do miss you! You're a great little walker...and your mommy finally won the video camera war!
Anonymous said…
Aww. I have no idea why but I got a little teary-eyed when i saw him walking! I am so proud of him! And you are the cutest mom ever!

well, im "signing off" :)

Love Jen

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