The Pressure to Deliver

So I feel like I am obligated to balance out my rants with a few recent picks of Binky. How else will I justify this blog, after all? The only problem these days has to do with a certain Binky on the go. I have been having trouble getting pics of expressions, milestones and mischief. These days I'm getting pics of ears, elbows and yes, even tonsils. All Sam seems to do lately is run away or rush the camera. Long gone are the days that I lay, position, even restrain him into a photo opportunity. Pics these days are live action shots. Here are a few of my most recent treasures. Please don't duplicate and sell these as much as you would like to.

The Walking Update - We are walking a few steps...when we feel like it. Sam will now let go of something he's pulled up on and shakily walk to me. I find this amazing since, he will stand on his own while drinking a bottle, then squat down (again with nothing to balance) pick up a toy and stand back up. But there is something about walking without holding on that he's still not sure about. He'll get there.

Where are my pictures/videos of this? See First Paragraph. You'll have to catch the live show sometime. I do want to just say this about milestone videos, pictures and the Family Zog. They get EVERYTHING on camera. Can you see the green tint to my skin? How are they doing this? Click on their link under "Sam's Peeps" you will see what I mean. Neatly arranged in a line to the left of the blog, Mama Zog has every milestone that ever happened to Boy Zog. They are awesome videos and they will treasure them. In fact, I wish they would teach a seminar on this. What do I get? A walking video that ends up being a film of the back of Sam's throat as he's eating the lens. A first self feeding video that ends with choking and a quick pan down to the carpet as I run to perform the finger swab. A laughing tantrum, immediately ends the moment the camera red light is on and I get a video of the ceiling as Sam jerks the cord to the camera and I drop it. Then there are the videos that start off cute, go terribly wrong for no apparent reason and close with a Binky screaming bloody murder. The kind of scream that I'm certain would make people think, "Good Lord, what did she do to that precious angel?"

Now lest you feel sorry for me, we did get a cute Peekaboo video tonight...see below.

That's it for now! Catch your act later!
Sam's Mom

and P.S. Check out all of "Sam's Peeps" This is his crew!


Zog mom said…
Ah, Sam's mom, we will never share our secret video-taping ways! Never! Although I am intrigued by your suggestion of a seminar... how much do you suppose desperate-for-video-moms be willing to pay for this course? I need pedicure money. :)

By the way, LOVED peekaboo.

mama Zog

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