Me Time

Sunday I got out of the house and had some "me time". And as a friend of mine would qualify, by "Me Time" I mean I went to Kohls and ran errands Binky-free. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Binky Time. I am a working mom so, naturally, I treasure my Binky time. I think all moms and dads would agree though that some days, simply grabbing your keys and getting out is nice. It means that I don't have to stand in the middle of Sam's room with the diaper bag in some state of analysis paralysis trying to decide if I dare risk not taking a change of clothes or a bottle of juice with me. I don't have to get out my flip note book and a few markers to schedule the errands in between bottles and naps. I don't have to make 3 trips to the car with the "gear" before I actually put the Binky and myself in it to go.

Andy had been out on Saturday shooting dove all day (to each his own) that I am eternally grateful didn't end up in our freezer. I think its a pain to defrost chicken, so you won't catch me plucking and cleaning anything that my husband shot, this I know. I'm just not that rugged. That meant that on Sunday he was long overdue for some father-son time and I got a few hours of freedom. Of course I jumped at it...almost too overwhelmed by the thought of two to three hours to myself. It was like getting $20 to spend at Target...what did I really want to do? I don't need to even tell you that Starbucks was my first stop, you should just know this about me by now.

So it dawned on me Sunday how my "me time" has changed significantly over the last ten months. I mean, wasn't all my time "me time" before I was a mom? "Me time" back then meant a one hour massage, a pedicure, even a mini shopping spree. I would go catch a movie on a Saturday afternoon or meet a friend for dinner...all spur of the moment of course. I'd decide I was suddenly into one hobby or another and go buy everything needed to do that hobby (i.e. scrapbooking), then be too tired to actually embark on the hobby (i.e. the scrapbooking box of supplies in the back of the closet). All of the grocery shopping, laundry, banking and cleaning was something I dreaded and it took away from that abundance of precious time for myself. Then came the Binky. Two weeks ago, I actually caught myself asking my mom to keep Sam for two hours so I could just put my Ipod on and clean the house. The very thought of it sounded so decadent to me. Huh? When did I get so boring, exactly? When did grocery shopping become a few hours on the town instead of a weekly chore?

So onto the Binky Milestone update: On Sunday, when I returned from "Rachel's three hours of fun" a.k.a. going to the grocery store and Kohls. I came in and unpacked the two for one Jello (do I even eat Jello?), the four boxes of cereal (the coupon only works if you buy four of them) and the two lemons (don't even remember why I bought those now). I came into the living room and sat down with my boys. Andy was laying on the couch watching football and Sam was standing next to him perched on the side of the couch as always. I said, "Come here Binky" and when I did, my sweet Sam turned around and took ten, non supported steps to me from the couch to our chair. I freaked out! I was uncertain before if the stuff he was doing could be called "officially walking", but this one left no doubt in my mind. Our Binky is walking! It's exciting and scary all at the same time!

Way to go, Binky!

Mommy and Daddy are proud of you!


Heather said…
YEAH SAM!!!! How exciting. Your wold is about to change again :)

And yeah for me time! Some of our dates have actually been at the grocery store or Target. We also wondered what in the world! pre-kids a date to the grocery store would have gotten a stern, cold look for even daring to take me to the grocery store on a date! Now those are cherished moments ... is this really what we have become? :)
Rachel Adair said…
I will definitely agree that me time changes drastically after children. I just look forward to those short trips to the Dairy Queen drive through sans Angie. How exciting for Sam!!! Life as you know it is definitely going to be different now. Every time you turn your head, he will be somewhere different. Its fun though because you don't have to carry them everywhere. Have FUN!!!

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