What will Sam see in his lifetime?

Do you ever get the feeling that certain technologies are just passing you by? Some of you may be reading my blog thinking, "Yeah...what the heck is a blog?" I understand that. The internet is a scary world full of endless possibilities and countless dangers...only if, of course, someone would explain to you what an html code is and how to get one. I'm that way with little things. Products. Services. People posing solutions to problems I didn't realize that I had. For instance, did you know that after 45 minutes, you stop smelling your air freshner? That's right. Apparently your nose has a 45 minute tolerance of faux floral smells. Well, thankfully, they have invented a plug-in scented air freshner that has a rotation of 3 scents. Yup, every 45 minutes your nose can be re-awakened with an entirely new smell so that you will never forget the fact that you have to simulate the smells of nature to cover up the random odor coming out of your 25 year old garbage disposal. Upon learning this, I feel that there is no need to worry about silly, insignificant things like the presidential election...Glade has solved all of our big problems. Thank goodness someone is tapped into the pulse of the American people.

Seeing that commercial and thinking back to my version of "simpler times", I was reminded of what my grandfather said as he watched Sam playing on the floor one day. "What will he see in his lifetime?" Such a great question. What did we know of the Glade Plug-in twenty years ago? My grandfather saw a lot. He was born in the 20's. From then until now, I imagine he has seen a lot of things change, improve and even get more complicated. Yes, "What will Sam see in his lifetime?" I have to be honest, that question scared me a little.
You watch the news and read the paper (or the internet version) and its very easy to get worked up about the state of our world. After all, the world can be a depressing place. Ask anyone who TIVO's Dr. Phil. It sometimes even makes me afraid for my son. I want to keep him indoors with a helmet on and a disaster survival kit strapped to his back. What kind of world will he grow up in? What things will he have to endure. What will make him sad? Will I be there to protect him from it all? Then I remember the most important job that Andy and I have as parents (and no, its not to make sure that everything he's ever licked wasn't made in China). As parents, we are supposed to "train him up". Our job is to make sure he learns about the love of Christ.

After all, when you have a Christ-centered life, you don't fear the world around you. You light it up! You are the Christ that the world sees...and what a wonderful time to be that light. How honored I feel that Sam was born for such a time as this and it reminded me of a card I received from my aunt when he was born: "Just Think: Your son is here not by chance, but by God's choosing. His hand formed him and made him the person he is. God compares him to no one else-he is one of a kind. Your son will lack nothing that God's grace can't give him. God has allowed your son to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special purpose for this generation." - Roy Lessin

As long as I remember that, I don't fear for Sam. I know that God has his eye on him...even when I don't. It makes me think about the question "What will Sam see in his lifetime?" and instead of cringing, I can adjust that sentence...it should be "What will Sam get to see in his lifetime before he joins God and the rest of his family in eternity?" Now, is that so scary?

Now I leave you tonight with a homework assignment...reread the quote above and replace all of the "your son's" and the "hims" with "you" and go light up the world today!

Sam's mom


Heather said…
Good words girl! You should write a dinner theater, a play or maybe even a book :) Love you guys!

It is scary to think about our kids growing up in this world. But when we lean on him and let him guide us we know that he will take care of us! Love that quote!!! Thanks for sharing

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