Day to Day...Sam's Mom Speaks

Routine? What is this? In the first three months (or every month your little one isn't sleeping through the night) you think your life will never be the same. And, truthfully, it won't. But what will happen is the agony and fatigue of the first few months will ever so slowly morph into something that appears to be a routine. You won't realize you're getting sleep at first...but one day you look at your husband and you see that he's sitting in the room watching tv WITH you instead of hiding out in the back where the other, smaller tv is in hopes that you won't notice he's not there. That is the sign. You are no longer an intimidating, big haired, raving mad woman on day four of the same pajamas. You have returned to the woman that your husband married. Okay, get up off the're right, I'm kidding. While you are no where near the woman that your husband are at least barely tolerable. You have exited the newborn baby blahs where your child is adorable but its very hard to give it its full appreciation when you are crying in the kitchen because you ran out of coffee filters or you're blubbering in the bathroom because the towels don't wrap around your waist as tight as they used to. You have joined the land of the living...and that is where you begin to value your routine. Once you get there...being a parent seems almost managable. My mother-in-law did say..."If you can just get a good nights sleep, you can handle anything." I whole-heartedly agree with that statement.

For me, I'm in bed by 9 or 10. At six, Sam is up and hungry. From there you get your morning jog in by frantically running into the kitchen, making the bottle, grabbing your glasses and a burp cloth along the way so you can get into the nursery before Sam's hunger whimper turns into a Ravenous know the kind when the neighbors call. And its not about him crying...I'm really fine with that...there's just something about waking up to a temper tantrum that will get your day off to a frazzled start.

I think the most precious time of my morning is when I get ready to leave for work. The last thing I do is take my precious Sam, and put him in the bed with his daddy in hopes that he'll shut his eyes for another few moments. Those two, facing each other, falling back sound asleep in the "big bed" is the kind of moment that makes you stop and thank God for your "boys". This morning, I couldn't resist...I had to get a picture of it. What a precious sight before I head off to the grind...kissing my boys goodbye!

Thank God for your family today,

Sam's Mom


Heather said…
Andy's hair is perfect ... even in bed! :)

Love your post and your reflection .. oh so true. And when were you guys at the biltmore ... do tell?? You didn't call!

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