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Samuel Andrew was born on November 18. He weighed an amazing 8lbs 8oz. The nurses dubbed him "Stubborn Samuel" because of his less than willing attitude about being born. It's funny, looking through the photo album of that morning, Samuel is the only one that looks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Everyone is seen, holding him in all his newborn glory, a short twenty hours after arriving at the hospital with glazed over looks and red eyes. Yet, there is our little bundle of joy...the only one that is rested and raring to take hold of life. Not now, Sam...everyone else needs a nap...THEN we can take hold of that life thing.

Despite the fatigue, we all got our naps and Sam has kept us on our toes ever since.

I do want to mention one thing that I will always remember about my son after he was born and up until a month ago...his hands. He had the most graceful, expressive hands. He would lift them in his sleep in response to someone daring to cough, put them over his eyes when he was tired and gently lift one hand in his Nana's face when her singing got too loud. Oh how I fell in love with those beautiful little hands.

Graceful hands soon gave way to beautiful smiles. Smiles of someone who doesn't know a thing about traffic and electric bills. Smiles of someone who 100 percent trusts those around him and loves them fully...well maybe he only loves the person with the bottle in their hands...I'm not sure.

Present: Now I am back to work, finished with maternity leave. This was a sad transition but was made easier by the fact that Sam chose to start sleeping through the night the day before I returned to work. So while I miss my son terribly, I am thankful to have my precious sleep back. I'm also thankful for two wonderful grandmothers who are more than willing to entertain Sam one day a week each so that mom can go have adult conversations and try to remember what she does for a living.

That's us up until now. I used to spend my Sundays watching HGTV and surfing the I sing BINGO and make stupid faces at my beautiful Sam while he's in his bouncy seat with the band that plays kids songs...and as a matter of fact, I do believe I actually know the "Muffin Man" now...he lives on Drury Lane.

Well, good night everyone!


Heather said…
Welcome to parenthood friend! So glad to keep up with you this way! I love our blog. There is also a service you can use to print off your blog into a book so you can have a keepsake later. We do it on a yearly basis. Something we and the boys can look back at over the years.

So glad to know things are going well. Going back to work can be hard ... wait what do I know about that ... I waited 8 months and then worked at home ... well, I did leave one day a week. :)

Miss you guys terribly! Tell Andy we said hello and give little Sam kisses from us! Love you three!

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