My favorite things...

I really wish I could drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee all day. In fact, while I know the streets of heaven will be paved with gold, I hope those streets are lined with free coffee shops that have no pamphlets listing nutritional information stacked on the counter.

When I feel guilty about my caffeine consumption for the day (or let's face it, when the fifth person in my office has told me to calm down) and right around the 3pm hour when I feel my forehead heading toward the keyboard or my face in the hands - looking like I'm reading but I'm really sleeping position isn't working...this is heaven in a cup. It smells like a cruise and tastes even better! Just thought I'd share. In my office, we've been known to have herbal tea competitions...who can get the best flavors. The Acai Mango Zinger is new and my new favorite. Celestial Seasonings gets no money for this blog endorsement (that I can only be sure my mother and mother-in-law are reading since the blog is about their grandson). I also hope they don't mind I used their picture. :0)


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