Baby Signing Time!

Since Sam was 6 months old, I have signed the word "mom" to him. I have said it, I have signed it, I have pointed to myself. He has responded with laughing hysterically, blowing banana filled raspberries and ignoring me completely. I don't want him to sign exclusively...I'm not asking the kid to do the entire alphabet. Just one significant sign for "mom". I ask you, does this sound hard? I didn't think so either.

My sister gave Sam two signing videos when he was born. We have tried to watch them consistently, tried to use a little bit of sign when we explain what things are. I'd heard stories of kids repeating the signs at ridiculously early ages and thought this would surely be the case for Sam. By the way, signing is a big deal in this family. He will need to learn it at some point. I foolishly thought the sign you do the most would be the sign a child would learn first and early. So imagine my frustration earlier this week when, after 9 months of religiously signing the word "mom" any chance I got, my son learns the sign for "cookie" in the span of ten seconds.

Excuse me if I am a little insulted that a Teddy Graham got top billing over the woman that grew him.


Zog mom said…
Oh Sam, you couldn't please me more if you tried. Keep giving your mom a run for her money! So funny. And the way you write it is even funnier.

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