Live From the Living Room it's Binky!

Or that's what I feel like I should be chanting these days. What a little performer he is becoming. I swear the child even knows how to pause for laugh lines. Although he may come by that honestly...his mother knows how to pause for laugh lines as well. The big difference being of course the fact that he gets way more laughs than I do. I think its absolutely adorable, naturally. Of course I do wish he could tell the difference between laughs, cheers, "no Samuels", "get away from theres" and "What are you doings?" and don't forget "Get out of the trashes". Perhaps he does know the difference and that's the trick...whatever the answer, he likes to perform the actions before these particular Kids tune in young I'm finding. The other day, our sweet Binky threw himself onto the floor in full, "why can't I eat your cell phone" tantrum mode. As I was sitting there letting him perform his Oscar worthy scene, the child actually stopped crying, looked up through his arms and checked to see if I was eating popcorn and buying this act of his. I wasn't. So he moved on.

I find these days that it's hard to determine actual problems versus problems of someone with 14 months of life perspective. Crying commenses, that's when I start my checklist. Is it teeth? Is it his ears? Stuffy Nose? Is he scared? Is he hungry? Is he tired? Are his socks cutting of the circulation in his feet? Did he see a ghost? Does he hate his outfit this morning? Does he want to get into the kitchen so he can throw cans of soup on the floor? Bingo! Sleeping is the worst. My baby has always been a good sleeper...I'm not bragging, he just is. So when he has nights where he won't sleep, its unusual and I have a hard time believing I'm being played. I know there are nights I am being played. I'm sure he goes back to his crib after being allowed up for an hour at midnight to play and high fives bedtime bunny. I'm sure this happens, but sometimes watching him roll cars on the floor is way easier than the battle of wills that is called "Crying it Out". So shoot me, Babywise...I'm not consistent.

Here is the other thing that I've been thinking about lately. Bottles. Why do pediatricians insist your baby gives up his bottle at a year? My pediatrician asked me this question at Sam's 12 month, "How is he doing with a sippy?". Well, do you mean does he get the concept that it is a different shape liquid container that also has a hole in the top like his bottle? Yes, he grasps this. Has he stopped shaking it to recreate Old Faithful at mealtime? No. That is why he still has a bottle. It's easier on me, his working mom. I tell you what. I PROMISE he won't go to college with it. We will enforce the sippy before he turns 16 as a part of everything else he has to do to get a driver's

Weather permitting, we go outside in the backyard a few times a day. He loves being outside and playing with his toys. One of his favorite activities is walking around parked cars to check their tires (fully supervised, activity in which the car has to be on flat ground). This particular activity makes me laugh b/c everytime Sam's dad gets out of a car, he walks around it to look at the tires and check for scratches. Like father, like son?

Lastly, I had to include these pictures. This is a photo opportunity gone wrong. We tried to get some father/son shots outside whilst having a fire in the fire pit. The following is the progression of a Binky that wants to get down and see what's up with that fire.


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