2009...and we're off!

So there was no easing into the year. January 5th came and we were off. Sam started "school" last Tuesday. Much to my relief, he did not join a gang or get suspended for back talking...(wiping forehead). He did, however, get an incident report written up for him as he ran into a mirror in the classroom the first day. This sounded more serious than it was...as I guess they have to write incident reports up for practically everything. If I had to do that, all I would be doing is writing up incident reports. We just fall around here (me and Sam that is...Andy is remarkably more coordinated). The bump he got from trying to hug the baby in the mirror wasn't even visible by the time I got home from work and was shortly covered up by the knot he received from falling flat on his face trying to run through Nana's kitchen that night.

So school. I wasn't there to pick him up, but the report he got on both days was, "he's busy." He apparently doesn't have time for being consoled, played with or having his diaper changed. Why would he have time for those things? He has cars to roll on the ground and only three hours to get that accomplished. Get out of his way, people. I am loving that this kid has a place to go twice a week to get himself "worn out". I am loving that he is surrounded by kids of my friends and not hanging out in "baby jail" in the living room watching Judge Judy. I am also loving the fact that we dropped his morning nap. After a year, I am seeing glimpses of a schedule and it is welcomed.

Things that just don't seem to change:

Will I always get out two spoons at mealtime? One for me to feed him with and one for him to play with?

Will he always indicate he's finished by doing the "windshield wiper" and knocking the rest of his cheese and crackers to the floor?

Will he always think, "NO SAMUEL," is hysterical?

Will he always hate having pants put on him?

Will he ever walk past a drink on a table ledge and just let it stay there?

Will the Wiggles ever grow old?

Will he always think his mommy is hysterical? - I sure hope so.

Resolutions - Every year, I sit down and I map out a plan that will allow me to take the next 12 months to completely reinvent and change who I am. I always fail, and it makes the idea of just being me for another year seem like a huge flaw or consolation prize. This year, I resolve not to reinvent, only to improve on me. I am pretty darn good in January 2009 and with a husband and little boy who agree, why would I want to be anyone else. Let's ease up, slow down and savor the moments in '09!

Much Love,
Sam's Mommy


harmstrong said…
I love how Andy remains cool, calm and collected during the photo shoot. This Sam kid of yours sure reminds me of someone I know. Shane has not brushed his teeth in 5 years. I have no time for this nonsense.

Shane's Mom

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