Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

What an incredibly crazy and different year it's been. We started off 2008 with a one month old and are ending it with a one year old. The differences between the two ages are staggering. Sam gets more and more amused with himself everyday and somedays, I get less and less amused. Stop grabbing my cell phone. Don't pull on the blinds. Who taught you how to turn off the television?

Christmas was nice. I got a lot of time off and spent it with my family. Sam spiked a fever of 101 on Christmas Eve and we took our first trip to urgent care. By the time we got there to the 3 hour wait, Sam's tylenol had kicked in and he was running up and down the waiting room like nothing could bother him. I'm sure the other parents were wondering why we were taking up chairs, but it turned out that he had the beginnings of a respiratory infection and ran a fever for the next two days. After the fever came the stuffy nose that makes them miserable and unable to sleep. It was a tiring few days, in the midst of which, I caught the bug. Now, we are well and this week has been filled with park visits and play dates.

I did call the nurse helpline. I really just wanted to ask them how I could help him breathe better. By the time I got finished answering all of their questions, I forgot what I wanted to ask. The nurse said, "You don't need to take him to the hospital tonight, just keep an eye on him." I said, "okay, thanks." as if that was the helpful info I was looking for then hung up. Totally pointless phone call. At one point she asked me if I could see his ribs while he was breathing. I told her he had finally fallen asleep so I couldn't check. She said it was a perfect time to check, so she would wait on the phone while I took a look. I put the phone down, counted to 20 and then picked it back up and said, "nope, breathing normally." I'm not waking my sleeping baby you crazy woman.

I've spent the week reorganizing my house and packing up infant toys to put in the attic. This is the first time I've done this. It was hard putting away all those toys that latch onto strollers and things, but he doesn't play with them (because they are not my cell phone) so I sadly packed up all the things that promised to make my kid the best and the brightest in those first few months. Surely, he must be a genius by now. I couldn't bare to pack up Roo, his red kangaroo. So Roo made the cut for mommy's sake and will not go in the attic just yet.

In a few days, Sam starts a little program at our church. It's a two half day a week preschool. I'm very excited about it because he's such a busy little boy and it will give him the opportunity to get out and play with the other children. He loves going to Sunday School and I think this will be a great thing for all of us.

Okay, well that's about it from our house. I did get a new camera so the pictures shall continue (are you as relieved as I am).

Hope everyone has a smashing, goal-accomplishing 2009!
Sam's Mommy


Anonymous said…
What a sweet face.. he's so adorable!!

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