A Boy and His UGA

Let's talk football for a moment, shall we? I know what you are thinking..."Rachel, I'm back here on my computer so I can AVOID the football that my husband is currently watching." Well never fear, I don't want to debate whether Michael Vick is sorry, nor do I want to discuss if Brett Favre was wronged, and, no, I don't even care how any of the teams are going to do this year (just like last year, and the year before that). The running joke in my house right now happens to surround football. That is why we are discussing it.

The only thing in our entire house that my son has ever been afraid of is a small statue of UGA (that's the bulldog mascot for University of Georgia). Several times, the sight of the bulldog has sent Sam into hysterical tears that can't be easily stopped. It is they type of meltdown that is both heartbreaking and amusing. Sam just doesn't like the looks of UGA. Now, Andy is a huge UGA football fan and I find this fact more than just amusing...I think it is hysterical. I've long been ridiculed by my husband for spending my first freshman year (had a couple of those, folks) at the University of Tennessee, which is home to Smoky the dog and the only college fight song with the word "moonshine" in it. I even get some lame excuse when I confront Andy with the fact I have more right for team loyalty since Andy never darkened the doors of UGA as a student and I at least had the good sense to be a UT dropout before going to a non football school and graduating (nope folks, the bookshop sure doesn't make a t-shirt that says, "Proud UT dropout", I've checked).

I have no earthly idea why Sam chose to be deathly afraid of this little statue, but he reacts to it in such a way that you would think he was staring into the face of pure evil. What does pure evil look like to a nine month old...apparently an English Bulldog. Well, recently we have had a breakthrough of the little boy to fake dog kind. Sam has summoned up the courage on several occasions to pet UGA on the face. I believe these are small steps to a bigger pact of peace and mutual respect that will make Andy and his family happy and, unfortunately, send me looking for something else to torment my husband about. I am happy for both boy and dog and here is the proof of their commitment to getting along.

In light of the most recent UGA's passing, please don't hold the last picture against me. In Sam's zeal to "pet" the dog...he tipped UGA over. I like UGA and all his football glory just fine...I just don't want to have to watch the games. I'd like to dedicate Sam's peace treaty with UGA to Andy's recently passed grandfather who was the biggest UGA fan of all. I sure am glad we didn't have to purchase a yellow jacket statue to protect Sam at night!


Heather said…
Glory, glory to old Georgia ... Go dawgs, sic 'em! You do know who is ranked #1 this year don't you? :)

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