The Art of the Distraction

In the midst of a long afternoon with my learning, growing, thinking and boundary testing little one, I find myself perfecting the art of the distraction. In the kitchen trying to cook dinner with a Little Binky at your feet? I find a box of jello and a spatula is the perfect distraction for about 10 minutes. I could tell you that the childproof bottle of prenatal vitamins (from pregnancy past) will only distract him for two minutes. The reason? Who knows. Who knows why a tubberware lid can be an afternoon of fun, but rolling a can of soup on the floor is a big let down and quickly forgotten for pulling up on the refrigerator. I find myself grabbing items in various rooms, doing a quick "breakage and swallow check" and throwing it on the floor for the Binky to explore. A cd case and Andy's old college calculator let me type an entire email the other day. I'm not sure this knowledge is going to win me any money on a game show. I'm quite certain Alex has better questions to ask on Jeopardy.

I do think, however, when it comes to the art of the distraction, if you think you are going to accomplish the amnesia for the off limits items that you were hoping are wrong. They remember the phone cord is still there, they remember that the bottle of body wash is sitting beside the tub, they remember the ice bucket in the dining room, the vaccuum cleaner, the step ladder, the pantry, your flip flops, the lamp, the broom and most importantly, they remember that elusive remote control. They are waiting, humoring you by shaking the childproof nasal spray and Advil while you wash a dish. It will be nano-seconds before they make a break for the only objects in the house that will truly make them happy and add more gray hairs to your head.

Sometimes I look at Sam and think it would be so much easier if I stocked his room with the bread knives, my necklaces, empty cans, full cups, dinner plates and the Sony Playstation. I wonder if I made these things accessible and took the mystery out of them...would Sam make a break and go for (gulp) one of his own toys? If I hid his tool box behind the door in the man lounge where the ironing board used to be...would I catch him off guard, naughtily playing with something made by Fisher Price instead of Black and Decker? I doubt it, but some days I do wonder.

The light of our life, our Little Binky is 9 months, and what a long strange journey it has been thus far. Although not officially walking, he is standing alone and as Andy calls it "dropping it like it's hot" or squatting (actually Snoop coined that phrase). He is pure joy to be around. I love that when I say, "I'm gonna get you!" He laughs and tries to "escape". I love that he knows how to play peekaboo with his daddy. I love that we wave to the "baby in the mirror" every night before we go to bed. I love that after his last bottle, he takes his binky and leans back on my chest before bed. I love his big kisses (which feel more like a hair pulling bite on the cheek). I love this new world that is filled with the uncertainty of being a new parent and the honor that is being Sam's parent. Every day is a bigger joy, every day we see a new smile, a new look and a new discovery. Some are patience builders but most are joyous, precious and remind us that there is a bigger picture to our life with Sam.

In closing, I want to say Happy Birthday to Sam's 2nd cousin, Miss Gillian Grace, and his friend, Miss Ellie Cate. Welcome to the world, ladies! Parents - Many blessings on your new arrivals. After you get some sleep you will wonder how you tolerated a world so dark because the light of your lives has just arrived!
Much Love,
Sam's Mom


Adam said…
Great post Rach - your blog is so profesh...Little wave hello from Gillian out here on the West Coast. She can't wait to meet you all. Love - Adam.
Heather said…
WOW! A picture of Andy! I'm so impressed. Great blog by the way too. your little man is getting big. Maybe we can pre-arrange a wedding when they are 50?

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