What are you up to, Sam?

Seriously people, what happened? These last two weeks have been one change after another. Someone crept into my house in the middle of the night and traded the baby I knew, the one that was predictable...dare I even say, on a schedule and left in his place a newly mobile, curious, non-napping baby with more than one objection to the way things are currently done. All at once, we switched to a big boy car seat, a big boy bath, a big boy stroller and even big boy towels...goodbye sweet infant, hello something resembling a kid. Something that watches, learns and (gulp) eventually repeats and mimics. Time to be careful I guess. No more watching Ultimate Cage Fighting with daddy after mommy goes to work.

One other new item to our small house is something I call "baby jail" a.k.a. the Pack N Play (phase 2). Gone are the mornings that Sam can rock in his bouncy seat or lay on the floor playing with a toy as his mother dozes on the couch for a few more moments of precious sleep. Wasn't I shocked the morning I nodded out for a few moments and awoke to see my precious angel with his father's copy of Entourage in his mouth? No Sam, put the DVD down...I'm not even allowed to borrow daddy's stuff. Okay, one more lick, but if he asks...I'm totally blaming it on you. Come to think of it, if anyone asks, the reason I haven't dusted, de-cluttered, laundered, cooked, showered or even looked in the mirror today are all your fault too.

Okay so you know how the big thing these days is to make everyday products have more than one function? Like somehow if my Ped Egg will smooth my feet AND zest a lemon, I'm more inclined to buy it. That's fine...you had me at smoothing feet...I'm not in the market to then take it into the kitchen and zest any fruit. I'm fine with that particular item having only one purpose. This was especially funny when I was registering for baby gear. Somehow if it started off as an infant seat, then became a toddler seat, then became their first grade backpack and eventually their first car, I felt like the $39.99 was worth it. Well in the pic above...Sam has also caught the excitement of the multi-purpose item because, ladies and gentlemen...its a hat AND a puppet. You just never know when you are going to need to put on a show in a pinch...you might need a puppet. Sam is ready...are you?

In addition to all the "new" things happening, Sam has officially begun crawling. Why is it, by the way, that babies fixate on the one or two things in a room you don't want them to have? I could hire a petting zoo to come into my living room to entertain Sam and he would still go for the remote control...what is that about? Gosh they learn to want what they can't have fast don't they?
Also, we are trying to get Sam into a swimming pool, but the first experience was a bit traumatic for him. If you've got any tips on making that less dramatic, I would be grateful. He spent an hour and half crying on and off over 60 seconds in the swimming pool. He cried, would stop, look around, remember he was upset and start crying again (yes, he was working it a little bit with the tears). It was really unsettling to him. We will keep trying though because he loves his baths and baby pool so much that I know he would like floating in the pool. Well, we try again this week...wish me luck!
Have a multi purpose day!


Rachel Adair said…
Ok, as far as him going for the remote...you have to get him one of his own. We had this same problem with Angie. My dad found an old remote at their house, took out the batteries and POOF! Angie had her own remote. Now, she still goes after ours but at least we have something we can substitute (she is not fooled though, she knows its not real). Sam is SOOO cute! I can't believe he is crawling already!

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