Are you Baby Proof?

All I have to say is that I was totally unprepared for this! I thought the order went, all fours, crawling, pull ups, standing and walking...We have a pull up people! I had to figure out how to lower my crib tonight and in a hurry! Something tells me that I'm not ready for this...

Baby That phrase hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I had heard it repeated over and over again since I'd given birth. Wise women who walked before me (and by that I mean my mother) kept saying..."You know when he gets mobile..." Mobile...HA...that sentence left my eardrums as soon as it hit. That won't happen...he won't get mobile any time soon! It was like someone starting a sentence with, "When you retire..." I know its out there, but it really doesn't affect me right now. Let's worry about other things. Well...Sam can pull up and is about two episodes of the Wiggles away from crawling, so color me affected!

Upon discovering Sam's pull up talent, I fumbled through my basket of books last night looking for the "What to Expect the First year, " book that I had promptly hidden away when I flatly refused to enforce tummy time. What do experts know? I finally stumbled upon it shoved in the bathroom linen closet next to a copy of "Childbirth, the Natural Way." - That's where I keep all books I resent. I grabbed it like it was a defibrilator and my only lifeline to understanding what was about to come next. Baby proofing, there has to be a paragraph on baby proofing in here somewhere. Paragraph! The words of a naive, first time mom. Try four pages of "things to be aware of". I read in disbelief, horror and fear...I was thinking that it might just be easier to pitch a tent in the backyard and live there. I can fight off mosquitoes and coyotes easier than I can latch everything closed, bolt everything else against the walls and staple gun pillows throughout the house...Oh dear, what is in store for us?

Wish me luck,



Heather said…
Oh girl ... it's not that bad! :) Just work on your kitchen and bathroom (low stuff) and you can deal with the rest with teaching him to "just look". It's a process but you don't have to board up your home so that you and andy can't enjoy it. We did all our cabinets in ATL and here we only did the one with all the spray cans of lysol and such in it. He has stayed away from the rest because we would just work with him when he went towards them to just look and then there's the fun times when he takes out the pots and plays. That's just fun!
Rachel Adair said…
Well, at least your baby is going to start with crawling. Mine went straight to walking! You will be fine. So long as you keep an eye on him, he can't get into too much trouble, and don't read the books...they'll just scare you!

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