It's Summertime!

Babies get away with everything! What's cute for a baby, ain't so cute for an adult. For instance, could you imagine sitting buck naked in an inch of water in your backyard in the middle of the day? If you can, keep it to yourself for you are the quintessential redneck joke. Jeff Foxworthy will be contacting you directly for new material.

Well, Sam had his first "pool" experience today and it was adorable. There is something, as a mom, that feels strangely comforting in being able to strip your baby down to nothing and throw him (not literally) in a tub of water. At first, I'm sure he was thinking, "Lady, I'm FREEZING in here." As indicated by the massive fit pitched upon first placement in the water...sorry I couldn't get you the hot tub, Sam. Well, I took him out and we tried again. This time, I started with toes and fingers and gradually got that bare bottom sitting in an inch of hose water...geez I hope I didn't break the watering ban by filling up his pool. Please don't turn me and Sam's grandmothers in...then who would remind him of how adorable he was every second? He was precious...and he had so much fun taking turns splashing in the water and chewing on the cup we gave him to play with. I wish I was so easily amused.

As we have passed the six month mark, little Sam is progressing in a number of ways. He has officially outgrown his infant seat and we have purchased a "big boy" carseat. Now, if someone could just tell me how to install the darn thing, I would be so grateful. Fourteen pages of directions for a piece of equipment with two pieces in the box. What is it about "some assembly required" these days? When I was pregnant, I had everything assembled two months before Sam made his appearance. I bought batteries for everything, put screws in, attached component "A" to component "B"...I even had batteries in the remote control to the mobile (why do mobiles come with a remote control you might be asking...not sure, never used it). Now, I find myself staring at the high chair box, thinking...maybe I could just prop him up on the box and somehow feed him that way with a towel underneath. I have way lost my motivation to assemble and I haven't even experienced one Christmas. I think the carseat is a job for daddy. Don't worry, we will install it, there is no need for Social Services to do a home visit.

Have a Splash today!



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