A Letter from Lola

Dear Mom,

Hi, it’s me…Lola! 

I hope you’re having a super fun time on your trip.  You will be happy to know that I haven’t tried to sneak out once while you are gone.  No parties.  No boyfriends over. I haven't even worn my collar that you called "skimpy". It’s been hard, but I want to make sure that you know you can trust me so that when I go backpacking across Europe myself when I’m 18, you won’t worry. Also, I am not interested in other dogs since the “surgery”.  I'm still kinda mad about that.

I’m having fun with Aunt Rachel.  She’s into all the girly stuff.  She must wash her hair twice a day with your Wen products.  I like her. 

Cousin Sam has insisted on changing our names to Rojo and Gwenfripp the Super Dogs. I told him my name was Lola...but he told me that it wasn't.


Do I look like a Gwenfripp?

Anyway, Bailey is getting on my nerves.  He won’t let me sleep in the bed.  Aunt Rachel and I chatted about it over Pumpkin Spice coffee and she said it reminds her of the time when you were kids and you made her sit in the back of the tub at bath time and wouldn’t plug up the drain so she could get water.  She said she used to sit in the back of the tub freezing and dirty.  Man, mom...you were a bossy little girl.  

Well, anyway.  I’m having a blast…except for the part where Cousin Sam won’t stop calling me Gwenfripp. I hope none of my friends try to come over…I’ll just die. 



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