A Letter from Bailey

Dear Mom, Dad and Cece

Aunt Rachel says you are far away on a trip.  That sounds fun.  I wish we could go too.  I know that you are having a good time. Lola and I miss you guys.  Aunt Rachel is nice, but she doesn’t really understand dogs, I think.  She keeps putting us in time out.  I’m not really sure what it is, but when she tells cousin Sam to go there, he puts his hands on his hips…which I think is weird that she asks us to do this since we don’t have hands (duh).

Things here are fine.  Aunt Rachel says it must be nice to be able to flit off to Europe on a whim. And that we were staying home because we were just the “little people.”  Obviously we are little…but people? Aunt Rachel isn’t very smart.  Also, I’m not sure what “flit” means, but it sounds fun. She also says its okay though because it gives her a chance to wear your clothes, play in your makeup and drink all your wine.  Oops, she told me not to say that. 

Anyway, don’t worry about us, we’re fine.  We are spending a lot of time under the bed hiding from Cousin Sam because he’s…well he’s 4.  He keeps calling me “his dog.”  It’s really starting to scare me because instead of Aunt Rachel setting him straight, she just sort of sighs and says, “whatever you want.”  I don’t want to be Cousin Sam’s dog.   

Bring me back a Waterford Crystal dog bowl!



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