I Took the Plunge...

Okay, so I decided to release a "Greatest Hits" ebook.  And I use the term "hits" loosely.  I have published my best blog posts and my award winners for sale on the Kindle.  If you follow my blog, you will have read most or all of what I've included, but I thought $1.99 wasn't too much to ask if you wanted to support it as I work on "new" stuff and patiently await the release of My Funny Valentine, the Valentine anthology of which I'm going to be a part.  Also, I removed most of the stories I included in the book so if you ever want to see the story about Andy and I going to bed mad again, you have to fork over $1.99.  I know...I'm cruel...or maybe you don't care.  Whatever! :)

The ebook is a 'test' of direct to kindle publishing for me so currently there is no cover for the book (got my people working on that - totally don't have people, but it's coming) and I'm learning the format of kindle publishing.

The book is simply a compilation, which means, it's short, there are no chapters and its just a stream of consciousness style telling of true stories broken up by quotes.

You can go here to buy the book!

If you don't own a kindle, you can download the Kindle app for free to your iphone and then purchase from there.  I'll need to figure out how to make this available to Nook and Reader owners as well as to my mom who, "hates all this electronic crap."

Anyway,  I appreciate any purchases, feedback and publicity via twitter and Facebook that you do for this scary step!



Go Rachel, Go Rachel! Go, go, go Rachel!

I hope you appreciated that cheer.

Also, if I was technological at all I would TOTALLY be buying that book of yours. :) You rock!
Rachel said…
Well, I totally appreciate the FB shout out! I'll let you know if the hardback collector's edition ever comes out. Ha! :)

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