Just so you know...

NOTHING has been more stressful in parenting than figuring out the cup progression. Food was not this difficult. There are not that many variations on a spoon. But cups...OH HOW I HATE THEE. I have sippies with plugs, I have sippies without plugs, I have juice boxes. I have flip up straw cups, screw on disposable cups with straws, disposable non plug sippy cups. THIS is why I have a 2 year old with a bottle. I am cup overwhelmed.



Heather said…
Just pick one, Nubby is great because it has a bottle like top. and just persevere through the hard days. It took K 4 days before she would drink from one when we took her off the bottle. She drank but they were SLOW going. Finally it just clicked. take away his options and it will take away confusion. Not that you were asking for my advice or anything. You will make it through this too. Remember that "this too shall pass and something bigger will take it's place"

Lots of encouragement I am!

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