Life Goes On...

So must my blog!

Sam is settling nicely into his twos. He has had a vocabulary explosion. If you ever want to know what phrases you overuse, just have a two year old around. Here are some of the winners.

"Wait a minute." - this is something both me and his Nina say...a LOT.
"Happy Birthday, Daddy" - this is what happens when you say, "Go tell daddy to have a good day," Andy's birthday isn't until June.
"I'm so glad!" I have no idea who says this other than, now, samuel.
"Idiot" Thanks to daddy.
"Crap" Thanks to mommy.
"Oh Man" Thanks to Swiper the Fox.

The other day, Sam walked up to his preschool teacher, Ms. Heidi and proceeded to list every cartoon character on television. "Tommy, Dora, Boots, Diego, Bobos, Roary, Wiggles, Ruby, Max, Kai-lan" You get the picture.

Great, no question that I'm exceeding the Pediatric Association's recommended television dosage for my two year old and I was just busted. Although I was somewhat relieved he didn't go up to Ms. Heidi and say, "Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Cheaters, Beverly Hills 90210 - the original, Supercars, Hoarders..." and you get the picture there too.

I think the thing I get most excited about is that as each day passes, Sam gets easier to do things with. If you remember, I was the one that thought the zoo at 10 months was a great idea. It wasn't. He got stuck in his stroller as he was trying to get out. I thought we were going to be on the news. I believed a trip up to see Tommy Choo Choo on an overnight adventure at 1 and 1/2 would be so easy. It wasn't. He ran around the hotel room screaming all night then fell asleep the moment the car purred to life as we were evacuating the hotel at 6AM. I have been so ready to do things "with" my child instead of "for", that I get so excited when I realize there are more and more things to do. I love seeing his independence and energy. Kids do make you feel young. It's babies that make you feel old.

I realize I have ceased to care entirely about baby milestones. What other mothers do is not really my concern all. I'm not sure if this is true for everyone but its true for me. I was so anxious about formula to cereal to solids and the correct timing when he was a baby. I was certain to keep track of physical milestones, speech milestones and everything else I could tell my pediatrician for her to indicate on "the chart". I got a little anxious when he somehow hadn't met one or another. Now. Who cares? I don't. In fact, my baby still uses a bottle. You read this right. A bottle. Not a actual baby bottle. Are you shocked? Be shocked, I don't care. Go thumb through your "What to Expect..." Volumes. I put a bottle of water in bed with him at night in his CRIB that he is still in where he is most definitely NOT potty trained. My mantra..."All milestones will be met before he heads to college." Put that in your pediatric milestone chart. Now, when I say I don't care, what I mean is I care VERY much so I only take sippy cups out in public. Lest anyone should judge me. The bottles are my deep dark secret. You just never know what's going on behind closed doors. :)

Here's to goin' mommy rogue!
Sam's Mommy...the rebel!


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