And then God Laughed.

So just as I was proclaiming my membership in the Secret Bottle Society, Sam got a double ear infection. I was really concerned. This makes three ear infections in two months. The kid had ZERO ear infections until his 2nd he's had three. I asked the pediatrician what could POSSIBLY be causing this...she barely looked up from behind "the chart".

"Do you still give him a bottle?"
I started sweating, "Mmmmaybe" but I was really thinking "are you reading my blog?"
"Does he take one to bed?"
I looked at Andy..."he might."
"That's it. He's laying down at night with a makes it worse."
I looked over at Andy who mouthed the word "darn" only it wasn't "darn". Our sacred crutch.

Fine, we shall start weening...whatever. I'm not bitter.


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