The Adventurous Faith!

Two summers ago I taught an improv class in the clubhouse of a local neighborhood. That's where I met Faith and her mom. It didn't take long for me to absolutely fall in love and be inspired by this girl. Faith has written many stories so far, and even though she has Mitochondrial disease which can slow her down a bit, she continues to share her heart and gifts tirelessly with us. I hope you will take a moment and purchase Faith's first published work. She has an E-book out. It costs $1 and is an enchanting story about a Christmas box. The info below is directly from her website. Please go to the link and purchase Christmas the Box with a Dream. You can use your credit card or pay pal. I bought mine this afternoon. The profits are going 100% to Faith and she is using it to help others.

You can also buy her latest book (it's only $1.00) at!
Faith is quite the writer! She aspires to be an author of children's books - and books of poetry - when she grows up. She's already off to a great start!


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