Milestones...where did my baby go?

I guess i didn't expect to feel like we were out of the baby stage at 4.5 months. Sam just looks more and more like a little boy to me and is getting less and less tolerant of anything infant related. Forget trying to cradle him...he hated that at about 3 weeks old. These days, he's laughing and rolling over and trying to crawl. He has moments of wanting to snuggle with one person or another, but mostly he is just busy. He is in constant motion and I wonder what that will look like when he's mobile...which is getting frightfully closer every day.

We went for a four month appointment last week (we are about two weeks off for some reason). Sam is in the 90% for height and weight and is apparently off the charts on head size. I guess he comes by that honestly...he's got two big headed parents. I have to admit that everytime I go to the doctor, I expect to to get a handout or a schedule...something that says "Here's what you do for your baby at 4 months and 15 days". I go seeking solid, technical answers and what I usually get is "if you feel like he's ready for (fill in the blank), go ahead." Which, don't get me wrong, I totally adore about my pediatrician. I would loathe someone who gave me a lecture about starting my baby on foods before they say go ahead or someone that tied me down to a strict schedule that would make us all miserable. But maybe what she doesn't understand is that I will stand in aisle nine of Target for 2 hours obsessing over what to buy a one year old for their birthday. So telling me to "feel out" what my baby wants is a daunting task. But here I trudge...turning topics like applesauce and pears into something far greater than it is. Isn't it just a tiny jar of mashed up food? How can that cause so much stress? Well, somehow, it does.

Despite the uncertainty on what order and how much of the formula, cereal and fruits we should be getting (and I think it truly does depend on your child), we were given the official green light to formally introduce Sam into the world of fruits. How funny it is to watch your child as they try something new...surely they must have gotten bored of Formula for the last several months (heck, Andy won't eat the same thing two days in a row). It's fun to spoon feed and I have to admit a little funny to see how frustrated Sam gets because eating with a spoon has less instant gratification than sucking down a bottle with a stage 2 nipple. Oh how frustrated he got at first.

I have included a picture of Sam when he knows its time to eat, sees the bottle and there is a ten second delay as I try to shake it up and deliver it to him quickly...he tends to have a meltdown at that moment. You would think that someone sometime forgot to feed him...that, I can assure you has never happened. Also, enjoy the video of his new favorite toy, the bounce and swing.

Happy April!
Sam's Mom


Heather said…
Ryan was the same way! He came out and cuddled for about a day and that's all we got! Now he likes to cuddle. Pace came out a cuddler but Ryan was a busy, busy bee! And you don't dare show him the bottle before it's ready! OH my that was a huge ordeal if he saw it before the time to put it in his mouth! Your stories remind me so much of Ryan when he was that age. How they grow up way too fast. Enjoy each moment and savor it for tomorrow you will wake up and he will be 3!

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