He rolled over!

Yes, we're still here!

I know its been a while since I've posted. March felt like a whirlwind. There were birthdays, tornados, holidays, tennis matches and a brief jaunt up to a local winery for a much needed "night off" for Sam's parents. We talked about him constantly, but we managed to make it through 24 hours without our Little Binky.

Easter came and went and I can't tell you what a pure joy it was. I can honestly say it's the first holiday that I've enjoyed with Sam. No offense to Sam of course, but you have to realize that on Thanksgiving, Sam was five days old and suffering from colic and on Christmas, he was five weeks old and had bronchiolitis...that was a tough two months. Not to mention the fact that I was still suffering from insomnia and was incredibly exhausted. I look back now and realize what a walking zombie I was. A holiday baby sounds like a fantastic thing...but it's hard on the mommies. But fast forward to March, and Easter spent with a smiling, giggling baby and a wonderful family made for a great combination.

So our current milestone...Little Binky rolls over now. It started off as a semi-rollover with an irritating arm in the way and a lot of screaming and grunting. Now, he's a pro...moving easily from his back to his front effortlessly and even trying to scooch forward on his knees. Apparently Sam has somewhere he has to be. Its an exciting and frightening milestone. Having a baby that moves constantly is not a bad thing when they can't go anywhere...but once they get mobile...watch out world (or at least put on your running shoes) Sam is on his way!

He also tried some peaches tonight. Was I supposed to give him that at 4 and 1/2 months? I totally don't know. All I know is that he's been eating rice cereal since he was 10 weeks old and today, this little boy of ours could NOT get full. He downed six ounces with cereal...started crying, two more ounces with cereal...continued to cry. Finally, I pulled out a jar of stage one peaches that I just happened to have. Did he get confused with the spoon? Not once. Did he look up at his mom at the fact that some new strange taste was in his mouth? Not once. After spoonful one, he opened his mouth wide and reached out to help guide my hand to his mouth...as if I didn't know where that was. So Sam has had peaches now. I guess there's no going back at this point.

Finally, mommy had a milestone. She left Sam in the church nursery. That was hard. Sam has been staying with family members since he was born. There is always a grandmother available to watch him. This time was different and scary and unknown...I dropped him off with (gulp) strangers! Okay, technically my friend's mother who I've known since I was 3 and has 11 grandchildren of her own isn't a stranger...but it was hard none the less. I was given a laminated card with a number on it...the number that would flash up on the screen in church if Sam was inconsolable, hurt or I guess too demanding...I don't know. I'm sure the sermon was wonderful, I'm sure I would have been blessed beyond words had I listened to it. Instead, I stared at the dark screen over the entry doors where my baby's number would flash. I don't remember church ever being that long before :0) In the end, my precious angel who I thought would scream his head off the minute he realized strangers had him, fell sound asleep about ten minutes into his "play time" and I was handed a sleeping baby upon my return to the nursery. Apparently Sam was so devasted that I wasn't there and missed me so much that the pain of it all forced him into a sound sleep...sounds plausible.

Well, that's all for now. We had some professional pics done that turned out adorable. I'm getting a second job to afford to purchase them :0) Here are some recent pics. Happy April Fools day!


Heather said…
Yay for rolling over!!! One thing our ped told us was to do veggies first move from green to yellow, orange and then fruits. I think the reason is behind the taste and so they will accept the veggies. :)

My first time putting Ryan in was around 5 months so you beat me :) Yay that he slept in the nursery! Ryan never would :)

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