Just some Updates.

Hi everyone. I have to dust off this blog every now and then and leave some kind of something on it.  I keep giving the site out to people and use it a bit professionally, so it's sad when I haven't had the time to leave anything recent on it.  

But, I just submitted a new bio with an article I wrote and included a line that said, "for updates to current projects go to...." then I put in this blog site that contains absolutely zero updates.  So here we are...

Okay...updates...I'll use headers.  


Everyone is doing great. The boys are 10 and 15 and they get more interesting everyday. Sam completed his first year of high school. He's playing football still and in the stands is where I have the greatest of religious experiences as I pray for zero injuries.  He's a great kid and I love watching him on the field. He's calm and very patient (when not gaming). He puts himself to bed. Gets himself up. The other day I got the rare experience to sleep in on a school day (that's past 5:30) and I panic woke up at 8, texting to see if he was up...he texted back from the bus. IDK how we scored a kid like that, but I'm not questioning it.  I'll take detail deficient text messages for a kid that I don't have to beg to go to school.  He's very, very funny and he and I are working our way through 90's horror movies together. 

Wesley is finishing up 4th grade. No kid has worked harder this year. He is a superstar. He had a decently grueling schedule this year but he's rocked everything we've asked of him. He's killing it in subjects like math - which I'm so thankful as I'm lacking in my math skills.  He's into drawing, codebreaking and Pokemon. He is creative and outgoing. Loves playing games. He even decided to teach himself cursive from a book this year. I'm hoping to get him involved in art club or something creative next school year when he has some free time.  

Andy and I are just about 19 years married. We watch storm coverage of other states, yell at Wheel of Fortune and check our 401K balances daily. We are a riot - you should be our friend. 

Writing and Canton Abbey

I write as a side hustle...always have. I have a 9 to 5 job, I'm a mom and so writing has always been the thing I filled in around the big stuff. Last year, I gave up my column at NW Georgia Living and took a year off from murder mystery parties. I was overwhelmed and needed a break.  Around that time, some friends approached me to help them write an entire season for a television show that they created called Canton Abbey.  

I laughed inside, politely declined and told them I was not qualified. 

They refused to accept my answer and essentially stared at me while I explained I had no experience in this medium, no idea how writing for cameras worked, how I hated to ruin their idea, how I was old, not as funny as I used to be and a really bad choice for the job.  

They gave me the run down of the show, basically downloaded Final Draft on my computer and waited for me to figure out how to write for television. Staying true to my writing "process" I procrastinated, gave them a deadline, then cry wrote it two days before they wanted to see the pilot episode.  

I've never been more nervous to submit something in my life. What was I thinking? 

But...they actually liked it. When I tell you the level of euphoria...can't be described. There were even a few favorable comments from some industry people in their circles which was very validating. 

These wonderful folks I'm working with are actively working in the business and I'm grateful they took a chance on me, even when I told them no, because I've been able to work in a very exciting medium that I would have otherwise never tried.  

So many sweet people, friends and family, are wondering about this project. How they can support it, see it, etc.  So I wanted to explain where we are essentially.  We are almost done writing the first season. Canton Abbey is in the midst of being entered into film festivals, pitched and they are mulling over which way they want it to be produced. 

So is it a fully filmed tv show? Not yet. 

It is in development and it requires time, patience, fearlessness and networking to move into the next level. Along the way, showing well in various film festivals helps us move forward.  So does gaining support from our loved ones. So I thank you for your congrats, your love and your excitement for Canton Abbey. I will keep you posted along the way.  

Let me also share something that I have learned in life - and it's taken me oh, so long to learn it. I feel like I'm at an advice giving stage in my life...

I have always taken a ridiculously long time breaking into different writing mediums because I assumed I needed to learn the skill, perfect the skill and prove myself BEFORE trying. The amount of time I spend mulling over what I shouldn't be doing because I can't do it perfectly...I wish I could get those years back.

Here's the lesson I have learned over and over again specifically in my writing life. 


"But what about?" 

No...they do not know. You know why? 


Just do it. You don't know how?

Seriously, it's fine. 


Don't let anyone intimidate you. 

You'll figure it out or you'll invent a better way. 

Just. do. the. thing. 

Life is just too short. 

Got it? 

Okay, now that that is done...please follow us on our socials - I would so appreciate it! 



Upcoming Murder Mystery Parties

I'll be hosting a murder mystery in a North Georgia vineyard this fall for a wine tasting dinner. I'll share more details when it comes together, but I'm looking forward to this venue! 


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