A Christmas Movie Murder - New Murder Mystery Party Script

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A Christmas Movie Murder 

Brixany is trying to become a partner at her big city firm which doesn't seem to do anything other than acquire tiny companies in small towns and close them down at Christmas. With her red carry-on, big city scarf and non-sensible boots, Brixany heads to Christmas Angel Mistletoe Town to spend Christmas. She has one objective while she’s there. 

Shut down the tinsel factory. 

The tinsel factory is headquartered in an old barn, which is dilapidated on the outside yet stunning on the inside, and employees a handful of minimum wagers., and technically only produces one product, yet is somehow single-handedly destroying all the profits for Brixany's nameless big city firm. 

But wait right there...because before you can say romantic lead with no red flags, Brixany walks right into a murder scene. Suddenly she and the other townspeople are suspects in a tinsel factory murder. This was not the happy ending Brixany had been hoping for as she dodged all those phone calls from her workaholic city boyfriend, but can she and the others prove their innocence? 

Will the murderer come forward and learn the true meaning of Christmas before we have to sit through Brixany’s not-at-all traumatic backstory? Will we have to endure one more snowball fight before we find out, who did it?

Find out in this exciting new Zoom Murder Mystery Party Game, A Christmas Movie Mystery!



email me: justpeachy1123@gmail.com

8 Characters (at least 2 males, at least 2 females, the rest are changeable)*

Hi everyone! 

I'm excited to offer a ZOOM holiday party!  I am NOW booking A Christmas Movie Murder. You have two options: 

A. HOSTED - I set up the zoom call, I send out the characters and I facilitate the entire game. This option takes up to 2 hours and is offered at a flat rate of $125.  Date availability varies, I can work with you. 

B. SELF-HOSTED - I supply you with all the materials needed to host, play and solve the mystery for your family and friends. $40

C. ADD-ON - For an additional $25, I can customize to incorporate inside jokes, personal details, etc. 

* you can have more than 8 people on the call, that is just how many characters there are, you can have unlimited watchers. 


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