Not Gonna Do it This Year.

So I have decided that I will not be making any 2013 resolutions.  Well, "decided" is not really the right word...let's just say there is nothing left for me to accomplish.  2012 was the year that I figured it all out. I have done it all.  From giving birth to stenciling flowers on a vase, 2012 was the year I pretty much did everything except shave my legs (dude, I was SO pregnant this year - don't judge). 

Here is a summary of what I accomplished:

1.  The word is NUNchucks, not NUMchucks.  35 years of incorrect pronunciation gone all because they re-released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  check
2. I made Christmas presents this year.  Yes, I said made. One can never have enough coasters. I just hope no one drops them, gets them wet or places anything other than a room temperature beverage in a Solo cup on them. check
3. I made a person. A really big one. You may not be impressed but I know Wesley is thankful. check
4. I went to Home Depot for something other than a Christmas tree or to have a key made.  In fact, I went all the way to the back of the store. There are some delightfully helpful people that live in the back of that store if you ever decide to go. check
5. I made four Pinterest recipes while on maternity leave.  True, one was microwave mac and cheese in a mug, but it totally counts. (disaster by the way, but check).
6. I now own mod podge and I keep it in my craft bin (see #2). At this point, my real friends should be planning an intervention. check and check
7. I realized I was old enough to own a set of mixing bowls. Look, it really just doesn't occur to some people - check
8. I didn't spend my birthday money at CVS or on gas. - This one had Andy particularly worried. Check
9. I used the aforementioned birthday money to buy myself a purse. It was a Kohl's purse...nothing too terribly expensive. We should all just be glad it's not my usual tote bag with a logo on it from some random company that I can't remember how I got or an Aldi grocery bag. check
10. I learned not to fear the self-proclaimed grammar Nazi's out there and finally admit that though my love for ellipses may never be understood...I am not ashamed. Also, for the record, I don't always care where the comma goes (I realize this doesn't bode well for grandma, but maybe she should be prepared to defend herself is she thinks she's going to be's just really too much pressure.).  ...check,

So have fun with your resolutions...I'll be painting my nails. (ooh, another check).


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