Andy and Rachel on Vacation

Andy and I went to Savannah/Tybee Island last week.  As seen here:

and here...

Here is a picture tour of our adventures.  

First things first: Buy a bottle of barbecue sauce at the Chevron station.


Second order of business: Buy a coffee crumb cake from that very same Chevron station.  

Check. Check.

Try to eat and end up getting crumbs all over Andy's car.  Be nonchalant as you pick crumbs out of your shirt and dust off your pants in the hopes that he won't notice the mess you are making.

He looks over at you and says, "I know what you're doing." 

Feel Chevron Station crumb cake eating shame.

Once you are in Savannah, go on haunted pub tour.  

Feel the need to buy a drink at every pub to support the local economy.  You, after all, want to do your part.

Unfortunately, in this case, supporting the local economy leads to talking to pirates, and being, what the tour guide called 'insensitive' about the dearly departed.

At the conclusion of the Haunted Pub Tour do these things:
Fling last drink into the bushes at the oldest landmark in Savannah (Andy). 
Go to Jimmy Johns and spend 20 minutes thanking the employees for your sandwich (Rachel).  
Lose your room key (Andy and Rachel).  
Go to sleep at 8:30 (Andy).  
Start texting your friends (Rachel).  
Vacation/Romantic Getaway Losers (Andy and Rachel)

Now...For Andy and Rachel's worst souvenir contest (this is a contest we started on our honeymoon when we found and purchased a delightful light up Jesus picture...with the idea that every time we got away on a trip we would keep up the tradition...after 7.5 years of marriage this is the 2nd time we've played this game).


1. Shell boxes are not new...but they are not good souvenirs unless you are decorating your coastal timeshare...and even then although they may fit in a little better, it doesn't make it right.

2. The hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil have to buy all three.  Otherwise, you're just tacky...

3. As previously stated on FB: Now it IS a reproduction of a pirate coin necklace but according to the packaging it's an authentic reproduction. Which as far as reproductions go is what you want to look for.

 4.  Can'  Certainly don't want it opening my bottle.

5. My personal favorite.  Life sized gas station pump gum ball dispensers.  Here's what the electric pink signs say more or less:              
Gas Station Pump Gum Ball Machines

Sale Price...............$995
Reduced Sale Price........$749
Cash Price..............$543
Reduced Sale Cash Price............$356

There were 8 of them in the store...I guess it was a slow year for gas station pump gum ball machines.  The economy hurts everyone, people.

6. And finally, you all can expect to get this for Christmas...who doesn't want...

A Shark in a JAR!!!!

This concludes everyone's favorite vacation game! Tune in in 7.5 years for more souvenir fun!

Next we went into a store with gigantic signs that said NOTHING OVER $9.99 and EVERYTHING $9.99 OR LESS.  This is where I bought a swimsuit cover up for $23.99.  Things that make you go hmmm....

Finally, we ate at that Pirate House!  Delicious!

All in all, a good trip!
Bye, Y'all!  ARRRGGGGG


alfsauve said…
Now at the Pirates' House they are famous for their Black Bottom Pie. Heavenly delight of chocolate and.....uh, chocolate. The last time I was there they had signs enticing you to try their "calorie free" pie. We found out later it was "calorie free" because they didn't charge extra for them. -Alf
Anna Banana said…
Strangely, the Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil...monkeys...look a lot more like walruses without the tusks.
Rachel said…
Alf - you should have known calorie free and Savannah don't mix. Anna - you know, after I posted that I was like...wait...are those seals? LOL
Anonymous said…
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