Don't Go a Changing...

So this week has been full to say the least, however, in the midst of the stress and chaos, I got a bit of good news and I'm excited to share it with you.  No, it doesn't cause cravings, overwhelming nausea and lower back pain.

A month ago, I submitted a short story to be considered for publication in a humor anthology. I wrote it, read it, thought I was the funniest person on the planet, submitted it, didn't hear anything, reread it, composed an apology to the editors for submitting such a pathetic attempt at humor, ate some chocolate, deleted email apology draft, got mad at the editors for not realizing my genius, read through all my blog posts, contemplated deleting my blog entirely, wrote a post about bears, strained to hear the groans and eye rolling as people across the world (or the few people who read my blog) read it, reread anthology submission, sank further into depression, had some more chocolate...

Then came July 2.  An email arrived from the editors the morning we were slated to go out of town and the morning after spending a hectic evening in the ER with my mom.  I had foolishly slept in my contacts and my eyes were so dry I literally couldn't read the email.  It was the single most frustrating moment of my life. (I know, "Watch Band of Brothers, Rachel and it will put the I have dry contacts and can't read my emails problem into perspective.")  Finally after much eye-rubbing, forced yawning and squirting contact solution directly into my eyeballs, I saw the word..."Congratulations."  It was glorious and so validating.

So...I am going to be published.

The book I'm going to be a part of is an exciting concept, really.  I can't wait to read it.  It's an anthology of humorous stories about Valentine's Day called, My Funny Valentine.  It will feature several, very funny, writers with their own story/take on Valentine's Day. When I sent the submission, I told the editors it would be great if I could be included, but really I just didn't want them to think the story sucked.  I know, so professional, right?

So that leads me to changes.  With this book coming out in February and my focus moving toward becoming a humor writer, I am changing things 'round here.  I started this blog to capture the moments of my precious son.  I enjoyed having an outlet and I love going back and following the evolution of me as a clueless crying, hormonal mess into a confident mom who still doesn't know what she's doing, but really doesn't care.

The conflict is that I want to bring more traffic to my blog and therefore will be removing some stories and really reading my blog over to remove the personal info.  Right now, I'm not searchable, because I was once and found Sam's picture on some Danish photo database.  Just kind of made me nervous.  I am getting someone to help makeover my blog (contemplating a move to Wordpress, but not sure) and have officially changed the web address to:

I have had a tremendous amount of private and public feedback from a lot you who read my blog regularly and it has really helped encourage me and it has challenged me as a humor writer to keep going.  So, THANK YOU!!!! While this opportunity to be a contributing writer to this anthology is not going to put me on par in fame and fortune with the cast of the Jersey Shore, say...It is an amazing resume addition and it has encouraged me to keep on keepin' on.

Favors to ask:
-Keep reading my blog.  I will keep writing in my current genre/style (which includes stories about me an Andy)
-Comment as you can/feel.
-Keep an eye open for the book (I will publicize here)
-If you are on Linkedin and you are familiar with my work as a writer/entertainer with my murder mystery business, Make it a Mystery, I need recommendations!
- Make a note, this blog has had an address change to

Many thanks!


keller blue said…
great news rachel! congrats. i look forward to reading more and laughing more!
Girl, that is AWESOME! So happy for you. I love reading your stories! And forreal....I LOL! ;) I am going to shoot you an email. I have a couple of questions for ya about a little project I am working on and I wonder if you might have some tips for me.

Go 'head witch yo bad self! :)

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