Something Might Be Wrong With Me

This weekend can best be summed up by the following pictures. I had some severe lapses in judgement and I would like to confess them to you now.

On Saturday, I thought it was a great idea to load up two dogs and my child in 97 degree weather and take them to the playground five minutes before nap time.  
It was not.  

The dogs fled and forgot their names, my child cried at things like pine straw and drops of water and I spent my time sweating like a hooker in church.  

No offense to church going hookers.  You go, girl(s).

Then, I decided at the family reunion to let this happen.

I have these moments where I am a really protective mom and I stop Samuel before he does anything remotely dangerous, but then I suddenly decide that he is going to have to learn some lessons the hard way.  For instance, I am fearful of letting him touch his toe in the ocean because I'm afraid of a current dragging him out to sea, however, I apparently think there is great educational value to be gained from drumming on a gas tank with sticks.  

You have to really want to see the value.

But perhaps the biggest indicator that something is not right with me is this. 

I gardened.  

Right now you are thinking, "She had me convinced at the gas tank drum solo." Well, the thing is that this picture more than any of the others is the most out-of-character.  

I am a card carrying, bug hating, sunshine fearing indoor girl, but for whatever reason, I decided to start a container garden...yesterday.  You should have seen the smirk on Andy's face when I shared the idea with him.  

I know to the master gardener that these few pots are unimpressive, it was also unimpressive to the 3 year old who just wanted to bury his army men in the potting soil, but this is a big step outside of my comfort zone and I'm quite proud of the time I spent putting it together. 

Check me out.  I'm so rugged now. 

Then I found out how much I have to water them and now I would value any iPhone apps you know of that have "Water Your Plants" push notifications.  

Also, I guess I have to take them to the beach with me for a week.


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