As We Close Out Year Six

Six and a half years ago, a young man, we'll call him Andy, gave a girl, we'll call Rachel, a box with a ring in it over dinner. He let her open the box before he looked deep into her eyes and said romantically, "let's do this."

I agreed. We were married. I blinked. It was six years later.

On Sunday, Andy and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I would like to share with you some of the romantic conversations that continue to go on in our house.


Rachel: You know, couples have to work hard to keep their marriages together. Do you ever think about this?
Andy: No
Rachel: Why not?
Andy: Because I'm not going anywhere.
Rachel: That's so sweet.
Andy: Sweet? I finally convinced your family that I don't like mayonnaise. I don't want to start that argument over with a new family. It took six years.


Rachel: How's dinner?
Andy: It's fine.
Rachel: Good.
Rachel: Fine like, good? Like you like it?
Andy: Yeah, It's okay.
Rachel: Good
Rachel: Okay, like you want me to make it again?
Andy: Maybe
Rachel: Well you either do or you don't. Which is it?
Andy: Why?
Rachel: Honey, I want you to be honest with me. It's the only way I'm gonna know what to make and not make. Don't worry, I'm fine. I honestly just want to know if you like it. I won't get offended. I promise.
Andy: It's not my favorite.
Rachel: (getting up)
Andy: What's wrong?
Rachel: Nothing.
Andy: Come on...what is it?
Rachel: You don't like my cooking.


Here's to many more romantic conversations!
Andy's blissful bride


Clh03uga said…
LOVE IT!!!! So funny! And, you've married the RIGHT person, because his comment had me laughing out loud just as much as yours normally do. :)
Heather said…
Love you guys!!! Happy Anniversary!! So glad to have been a small part of your dating non dating life :) We miss you guys! I think Mickey Mouse is calling your names!

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