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Okay, I have to confess one additional neurotic character trait. I think everything is a hint. I absolutely do not take people at face value and I spend a lot of time decoding what I think people mean versus what they actually say or don't say. This trait has never been more evident than after introducing a child into the picture. Let me give you some examples:

You might say: Are you guys still renting that house?
I might hear: Don't you guys think its about time you grew up and bought a house?

You might say: Did you breastfeed?
I might hear: Are you still working on that baby weight because you didn't care enough about your child to give him nourishment the way God intended and receive the blessing that is high calorie burn?

You might say: It's a little challenging to change Sam's diaper.
I might hear: Your child is completely spoiled rotten and more out of control than any one year old I've ever seen and I completely blame you and your husband for the fact that he won't lay still for a diaper change.

Do you see how it works?

So Sunday when a lady in the church, I'm sure very innocently said "Is he walking yet?"as I was carrying him down the hall. What I heard was, "Are you gonna carry that child around until he's 18?". So the update this week is...I no longer carry Sam. I put him down, put a death grip on his hand and drag him places. I have to admit...its much easier on my back although it is very likely that ten to twelve steps in, he'll throw the "drop to the ground" tantrum that toddlers are so fond of when you're not doing what they want.

We went to the doctor on Friday for his 15 month appointment (at 16 months). I don't give out "advice" but I will share with you my take on vaccinations. I read a lot about them when I was pregnant and came to two personal decisions. I wanted to avoid the flu shot and I wanted Sam to get the MMR by itself. The flu shot thing just has a lot to do with the fact that I think babies get a lot of shots and this particular one is formulated every year through educated guesswork and the last few years has been a bit ineffective for the strains that were around. Also, I've never gotten the flu shot so that's probably part of it too. The MMR decision just came about because its a mega shot. My personal view is that getting vaccinations is very important, but I'm also really cautious about making sure Sam is well, reacting fine to vaccinations he's already had and slowing them down when I get a "gut" feeling about it. So, Sam got the MMR and will catch up on the rest of his shots at his next visit. My pediatrician is great about accommodating my requests. His height and weight are great, he's in the upper part of his range (which he's been in since day one). I'm so thankful to have a big healthy boy that eats well.

Before the doctor came in, the nurse was asking all of her milestone questions. There was the inevitable "Is he using a sippy?" which I mumbled a quick "we're working on it." She asked me if he knew 5-10 words. Check. Is he giving and taking? Mostly taking, but he's one. Is he naming his body parts? Um...no. Here's the deal, can you guys give me a "study guide" at the end of each appointment? I didn't know we needed to learn body parts. I mean he can fill in the chorus of Old McDonald, but you didn't ask that. It feels like those times when you took a test and realized you'd read the wrong chapters. For a split second I wondered if Sam might have to go to summer school or plan a make-up 15 month appointment in case he failed this one. Thankfully, he doesn't. In fact, on the drive home, mom got him to say the word "toes". I kind of wanted to call his doctor and let her know so she could indicate it in his chart. I mean, if they don't see that he said body parts at 15 months on his chart, he won't get into a good preschool, then you can forget about any hopes for a solid elementary and middle school. It's just a vicious cycle...all stemming from the "chart."

Another fun new "Sam thing" is that he dances a lot now. We usually dance to the Hot Dog song on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings. This morning, I had drifted back to sleep on the couch when that song came on. Sam came over to me, grabbed my arm and said "Dog Dog" and started to dance. It was the cutest thing ever. Well, as my husband reminded me, it was the cutest thing ever since the thing he did last night that was the cutest thing ever, also. Look, he does a lot of pretty cute things. He can't help it.


Heather said…
It never fails that on our appointment days they will ask a question and I say no and then they will do it that day or the next. I, too, want to call and have it indicated on their chart!

You are a FANTASTIC mom and are doing an awesome job with your little man! He's a cutie and we are already telling Kennedy all about their pre-arranged wedding one day ... when they are 40 :)
Anonymous said…
I do the same thing... I read into everyone's comments. Always thinking they are hinting at something I am doing wrong. But I guess, more than likely, I AM doing something wrong! Especially when it comes to my kids. I fully admit that I am winging it more than half the time. I probably should have taken a parenting class or something!!! I will take full responsibility when they turn out totally screwed up and need years of therapy to correct my faulty parenting! Oh well. Life goes on!

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