Becoming a Southern Cook!

This isn't hard. I want everyone to put down your Weight Watchers Points Calculators, your South Beach books and pause the Biggest Loser on DVR. The key to every southern dish is listed below...don't tell my grandmother that I let the secret out.

Casserole - choose your own adventure...

Pick a favorite vegetable (or choose chicken) NOTE** if you have a favorite vegetable, then you are not from the south because true southerners don't actually know what vegetables taste like.

Cook down to mush (takes an hour even though every cookbook says it takes 20 minutes)

Drain into a tea towel and squeeze all the moisture out.

Mix with a cup of sour cream or a can of cream of mushroom soup.

Add a stick of butter and a cup of sharp cheddar cheese.

Cover with crushed RITZ crackers and bake.

If you bite into the casserole and it still tastes like either the original vegetable or the chicken, you have done it wrong. It should taste like cheese, butter and ritz.

Happy Holidays,
Chef Sam's Mom


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